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Each One Teach One” programme on NTA Channel 5 Abuja is a project initiated by NMEC as a means of sensitizing the general public on the importance of literacy. The programme is a potpourri of ideas in the joinery of a magazine programme. It has drama sketches, events reportage in the education sector, particularly in the area of literacy and non-formal education, round table talks, interviews, focused documentaries, etc. Each week, the programme will come with the value of entertainment and knowledge-based tendencies. The programme will say something, give something and inform further on mass adult literacy and non-formal educational benefits.

It is a 30minutes programme that runs on:

STARTIMES on Channel 118 DTN, Tuesday: 6:00 pm and Thursdays: 1:30 pm. It also airs on NTA Channel 5 Abuja on Mondays: at 12:30 pm.


The objective of “Each One Teach One” includes the following:

  • It serves as a platform for public enlightenment on the importance of literacy
  • It serves as an effective medium for showcasing the activities of NMEC
  • It serves as a medium for advocacy to Policy Makers. Stakeholders, Governments and NGOs to show adequate commitment and political will towards the eradication of illiteracy in Nigeria
  • It serves as an image booster to NMEC


The importance of this programme cannot be overemphasized as it reaches thousands of people within Abuja and its environs. Sponsorship of this programme can be on weekly basis on any of the networks. The programme calls for assistance through corporate social responsibility essence.

“Each One Teach One or Fund The Teaching of One is a slogan in Mass literacy.”